Studio Protocols

Covid Code of Conduct

  • Wearing masks will always be required for students, teachers, and staff unless it is an outdoor class. We highly recommend investing in an athletic and/or yoga mask to make the experience more comfortable.
  • Individuals must be remain 6 feet apart as much as is possible.
  • All students will be required to fill out a new, updated waiver on your first visit back to the studio.
  • 8-foot-tall Plexiglass barriers/splash screens are being installed in the training room to divide individual training stations that will be 6 feet apart. A maximum of 5 students will be allowed in the training room per class.
  • Yoga stations are 6 feet apart in every direction. Each station will be numbered and contain front/back of mat markings. This will always enable the teachers to coordinate the flow of your movement during classes to maintain the 6 feet of distance. A maximum of 6 students will be allowed in the yoga room per class. These classes will still be live streamed for those who prefer to practice from home. 
  • Walk ins are no longer possible. You will be required to sign up through MINDBODY to participate in class. All payments will be contactless and made through MINDBODY.
  • All attendees are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to their class and to wait in their car until they are called to enter the studio. You will be required to answer a brief series of covid-19 related questions before you exit the car.
  • Participants will be allowed to enter the studio one at a time to prepare themselves to take their spot in class. Preparations include removal of shoes for yoga, putting on athletic shoes for training, hand sanitizing, and then proceeding to your assigned station.
  • When class is over, your instructor will tell you when you may exit your training space. You will be required to gather your things and make your way to the lobby to change/put on shoes. Please make use of our bathrooms for handwashing or our many hand sanitizer dispensers on your way out of class. We ask that you exit the building in as timely a manner as possible to allow us to begin cleaning for the next class.

Hygiene Protocols

  • Hand washing capabilities and hand sanitizing stations will be provided throughout the studio.
  • We will be providing regular sanitization of high touch common areas, such as workstations, equipment, screens, doorknobs, restrooms, counters, seating, and shoe racks throughout the studio.
  • Both the Yoga room and Fitness room will be completely sanitized between each class.  There will be 45 minutes between classes and/or sessions to allow a thorough cleaning.
  • All staff and instructors are trained in sanititzation protocols.

Social Distancing

  • All persons, including employees, customers, and vendors should remain at least six feet apart to the greatest extent possible, both inside and outside workplaces.
  • Masks are required by all students, staff, instructors, and visitors when in the building and during classes.
  • All staff and instructors have been trained in proper social distancing protocol.
  • Sinage, 6 feet markers, and directional markings are displayed to promote safe social distancing.

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